Values for choosing and vetting leaders

Values for choosing and vetting leaders


  • Value based  engagement in Governance.
  • Understand BEVIP: Values for Vetting Leaders
  • Commit to vet and engage leaders as an integral part of your role as a responsible citizen.
  • Practice vetting skills and process during the seminar.
  • Understand rights and responsibilities in counties
  • Discuss the role of the Faith community in positively influencing the nation’s politics and development
  • Beyond the seminar, be inspired to influence county’s and nation’s leaders through enduring values.

Value-Based  Governance Engagement

Examples of biblical leaders in their days (Samuel, Nathan, Elijah, Jeremiah, etc)

  • Our role as watchmen/ shepherd (Ezekiel 34)
  • John the Baptist with Herod
  • Jesus and the authorities of his day
  • Paul before Festus and other authorities
  • Others

Role of Christian Professionals/ Leaders in Governance

Roles of pastors as shepherds – to empower all believers to use their gifts (Eph 4: 7-11)

  • Examples of believer’s excelling in government (Joseph, Esther, Nehemiah, Daniel, etc)
  • Governance role where professionals can serve (CDF, Bursaries, LATF, Vision 2030, Elective positions, Vetting candidates, etc)
  • Others?

Vetting of election candidates

Why should we do this?

  • Our prophetic role
  • Anticipated by the new constitution
  • Politicians not likely (or keen) to do it!
  • Implications for the security, development & transformation of our nation
  • Others?

What are some sources of vetting criteria

  • Chapter 6 of the new constitution
  • National Anthem & Vision 2030 (Moral Foundations)
  • National Values and Principles
  • Summary of Bishops meeting of May 10, 2012: BE-VIP

5 Biblical Values for Vetting: BE-VIP

  • B –Blameless and God fearing
  • E – Empowering, selfless servant leader
  • V- Visionary achiever
  • I – Inclusive and just community builder
  • P – Protector of family values and human dignity

B – Blameless & God fearing. Has your electoral candidate been caught in moral, financial or other scandals, nepotism, etc? Is there evidence of being God-fearing in decision making and in the treatment of others – especially the poor? It is not too much to ask for political leaders who are blameless in character as this is required of Church deacons and elders (Titus 1; 1 Timothy 3; Prov. 14:34). How much more of national leaders?

E – Empowering & selfless servant leader. What have they done previously that benefited others without expected personal returns? Do they empower other leaders around them or do they seek to dominate others? Are they competent servant leaders (Mark 10:45, Prov. 11:14).

V – Visionary achiever. Do they articulate a compelling vision for Kenya? What have they done already in the roles they have led in previously –institutions, government, etc? For MPs, what are their constituencies known for? – that is what all of Kenya is likely to become (Prov. 29:18)!

I – Inclusive & just community builder. We need a conciliatory leader who will bring together all of Kenya’s 42 tribes – not only care about the larger tribes that have the numbers to put them in power (Philippians 2: 3-4). We should never again know PEV with the right leadership.

P – Protector of family & human dignity. With the global push (driven by US and UK) to redefine and destroy family the basic unit of society for developing godly leaders, we need caring leaders who will defend the family and deal with degrading poverty, etc (Prov. 11:10; Genesis 2). Practical Considerations in Vetting


  • First vet yourself
  • humility and realism
  • Make values part of the national conversation
  • Work together with all other churches in area
  • Others:


  • Be idealistic: God uses repentant broken people
  • Tell members whom to vote for- role of Holy Spirit!
  • Disrespect electoral candidates (but manage process – they will always want to take charge)
  • Others:

Interaction & feedforward

  • Comments and Questions
  • What are the specific things you will apply:
  • –Committing to your prophetic role in nation
  • –Mobilizing Christian Professionals
  • –Vetting of election candidates (Civic Ed)
  • –Others?
  • Thank you

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