Tim M. Kiruhi, PhD

Tim M. Kiruhi, PhD

Tim has developed leaders to serve in diverse societal spheres for 27 years. His passion is to see leaders of high integrity equipped to lead holistic transformation in their spheres. This has taken him to 25 African countries and globally, to contribute in consultations, or trainings in holistic leadership and resource development. He has led at local, national, regional and continental levels and is currently the Director of Training for the International Leadership Foundation. He sits on four boards non-profit and for-profit firms.

He serves as the coordinator of Executive Leadership Network (ELNET) in Kenya, a non-profit organization that is spearheading the holistic transformation of Kenya –especially in the spheres of governance, ethical business, mentoring the next generation of leaders, and wealth and job creation. ELNET contributed a values foundation to Kenya’s Vision 2030 strategy, the design of Kenya’s national values that informed the values of integrity in Kenya’s new constitution.

He is also the chair of the University of Nairobi Council, a position he resumed in March 2017.

Tim received his PhD from Regent University (USA) in Organizational Leadership – Global Leadership emphasis. He is driven by a conviction that Africa’s vast natural and human resources can be maximized for her development and also to make a contribution to the world. His earlier studies were a BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering (University of Nairobi – First Class Hons.), and an MA in Leadership Studies (Azusa Pacific Univ., USA).

He is a regular conference/seminar speaker, a learning facilitator in organizational set-ups, has pioneered many partnerships, and serves as an adjunct faculty member of the International Leadership Universities in Africa, teaching Master’s degree courses in Leadership. Tim is married to Mary, and together with their two daughters, they make their home in Nairobi, Kenya. His hobbies include networking people, country-side travel, and following soccer.


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