Pauline Bomett


Pauline Bomett is a born again Christian who believes that the world can only be different when  we authentically model the principles of Christ Jesus. She has been involved in various church ministries including visitation, Christian education and social work for the youth. “ I must say was blessed to have been disciple by Life Ministry during my high school days for that is where is learnt to hide the word of God in my heart. It is not just hidden, it is alive in me. That is the time, that my passion for teaching developed”

Pauline joined ELNET in 2010 where she has since been actively involved in the Mentoring Group.  She led the mentoring team in designing and developing mentoring curriculum and programs. She trains and facilitates mentoring programs for ELNET. Her passion for helping people discover and pursue their potential is what drives Pauline. Pauline believes everybody is a leader. Leaders are both born and created. We cannot affect our environment unless we grow our personal leadership. Mentoring and role modelling is one of the most effective ways we can grow people. The society can only be transformed when we are individually transformed. Pauline is currently chairing the ELNET Mentoring Group. “ My greatest desire is to grow as many mentor trainers as possible for that is where we can reach the goal of having an abundant supply of mentors, a much needed resource in these challenging times where Christ-Centered role models are not easy to find in many places.

Professionally, Pauline is a leadership trainer and coach.

Currently, she is serves as the Senior Manager, Leadership and Training with the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD), a career development program for scientists working with rural farmers, covering 11 countries in Sub Saharan Africa. She has vast experience in managing teams from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Pauline has successfully led a drive to initiate and develop a pool of 26 African trainers across Africa who have been delivering leadership and science programs for over 700 scientists in the last 5 years. She actively provides leadership in the recruitment, development and retention of these trainers who are now in demand for training services in Agricultural Research and Development Institutions in Africa, Asia and USA. In addition to managing this team of trainers, she also works with International training partners to deliver leadership and mentoring programs in other continents, run training of trainers’ programs to develop the African trainers to a world class level.

Pauline has an Executive Master’s in Business Administration from Moi University, Kenya with a major in Organizational Development. She has over ten years’ experience in training and development in international Institutions where she has successfully designed and implemented capacity building programs.

Pauline loves to travel, read and listen to music. She loves coaching and therefore is always looking for opportunities to coach the youth and career professionals. In her free time, Pauline relaxes also making arts and crafts.

Pauline is married with 2 sons (13 and 10)