Message from the Chair

Chairman’s Message

mosa2The Executive Leaders Network (ELNET) is a ministry of Life Ministry Kenya.  It exists to influence leaders both in the corporate and religious circles towards godly transformation. ELNET seeks to engage leaders of integrity in solving societal problems. This network targets leaders because every organization or nation is a good as the quality of its leaders.

We continue to in our quest to identify, develop, assess and celebrate leaders of integrity spearheading holistic societal transformation.  We believe that there are leaders in the social, political and business circles who believe strongly that ethical approach to leadership has potential to greatly and positively influence society.

Our role as ELNET is to identify such leaders and partner with them so that as we share in formal and informal forums we are able to create a movement of leaders who not only subscribe to the ethical way but also seek to influence other leaders toward ethical leadership.

To be leaders of integrity we are required to live right in all aspects of life.  To influence the nation and the society we must live right.  The Bible teaches us about the need to live right before God and how that kind of living influences society.  We read that “righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people” (Prov 14:34).   Living right not only pleases our maker but raises nation, brings nations to a path of prosperity.  This can only happen if more and more leaders embrace right living as defined by the author of life.

Lawrence Mosa- ELNET Chairman