ELNET Governance Group

ELNET Governance Group



Leaders of integrity spearheading holistic societal transformation everywhere

ELNET Mission

Engaging, developing, multiplying and synergizing Christ centered leaders of integrity to transform every sector of society


EGG Mission

Engaging and empowering leaders to champion and influence the implementation of godly values in governance

Key mandate of EGG: Promotion of social justice

1. Advocacy on issues of concern to the church as the moral conscience of the nation

  • Help churches provide a Christian response and come up with policies that provide long term solutions to various issues affecting the nation e.g. food security, public participation in Governance throughout the Electoral Cycle, Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE)
  • Curriculum reform – Seek to inculcate values and ethics in the curriculum. We can influence curriculum from Primary School to tertiary levels of education.

2. Policy formulation and law making – participate in the drafting of bills and implementation of the constitution e.g. A think tank to inform any changes on the constitution, review deadline for completion of Universities, other ways of making sure devolved system is implemented effectively etc.

3. Responsible citizenship – encouraging voting; voter registration; and civic education; encouraging members to vie for political posts; and supporting candidates that uphold godly values. This group also seeks to hold leaders accountable. Promote Cohesion and Creating of a New National Culture as part of being Responsible Citizens- as found in the EGG material.