Ethical Assessment


Companies and individuals receive  ELNET Mark of Ethics Award after undergoing a perception survey based on the 15 Ethical statements developed by ELNET. The companies are recognized by ELNET as ethical in their dealings and therefore listed in this directory. The statements of evaluation are listed below.


As part of the process of engaging business leaders on issues of ethics and values, we would like to invite your commitment on these issues:

Individual Ethical Commitments,  Individual issues that touch on what the individual commits to do, in order to reflect true Christian values in one’s place of work and thereby positively influencing others.

1. Truthful in speech

  • Say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Your word is your bond

2. Faithfulness in family relations

  • Be faithful to your spouse
  • Have quality relations with children
  • Provide for your family

3. Abhor selfish ambition

  • Playing fair
  • Not making excessive/exploitative profits
  • Avoid abuse of office/position
  • Avoid abuse of position in the family

4. Look out to the interest of others

  • Do not look only at your own interest in life pursuits

5. Pay workers fairly

  • Compensate in line with relevant industry
  • Pay should be commensurate with service
  • In line with your ability to pay
  • Compensation should express worth and dignity

6. Treat others with fairness and justice in our daily interactions

  • Uphold human worth and dignity knowing you have one Master
  • Consistency both at work and at home, private and public

7. Shun bribery, personally and in your organization. Actively be in involved in creating a corruption free society

  • Do not take or give bribes
  • Do not give or take bribes
  • Create systems that hinder bribery
  • Encourage whistle blowing
  • Seek advice on grey areas

8. Work wholeheartedly

  • Whatever you get to do work at it with all your heart
  • Be diligent, organized, self-motivated, ruthlessly efficient and focused
  • Go beyond the call of duty
  • Take your job as your priority calling and ministry

9. Submit to the government and other authorities

  • Honour those in authority
  • Authority means any legal supervisor or guide
  • If not in contradiction to God’s law
  • Do not malign, slander your leaders
  • Pay your taxes

10. Have integrity in personal financial management

  • Avoid pecuniary embarrassment
  • Do not acquire money that you have not earned to buy what you do not need
  • Do not be involved in corrupt deals in order to gain personally
  • Pay your debts on time
  • Live within your means
  • B a good financial steward of your finances
  • Invest in your personal financial literacy

11. Give back to society

  • By remembering the less fortunate
  • Share some of your income with the less fortunate
  • Mind how you earn your money, do not exploit in order to give in charity
  • Taking care of the environment
  • Participate in Advocacy

12.Be a peace maker

  • Make it your ambition to live at peace with others and promote peaceful coexistence
  • A peace maker is a person who looks for ways and means that promote peace
  • Proactively create ways of anticipating conflicts and when present mediation

13. Seek synergies to impact the broader society

  • Find ways to make society a better place
  • Seeking partnerships in the community in order to improve the society. This could be through:
  • Advocacy or taking other appropriate action using your influence in the industry/society

14. Commit to mentor others in ethical practice

  • Be a source of inspiration for those who look up to you, walk alongside them
  • Seek to allocate time to develop others
  • Commit to mentor and to be mentored

15. Commit to have accountability partners to help you realize all the above ethical commitments

  • Intentionally invite accountability partners and maintain an accountable lifestyle so that you can model these principles and thereby multiply leaders committed to ethical business practice and living.

Individual Ethical Statements

 Corporate Ethical Commitments: Corporate issues that an institution commits to pursue in order to create an environment that allows staff and other stakeholders to uphold values that society would benefit from.

1. Honest and ethical in dealings

  • Does not hurt the other party
  • Is completely true
  • No white lies

2. Provision of quality goods and services in an impartial manner

  • Give reasonable value for money
  • Transparent on what the goods can do or not do
  • Does not favour one against the other due to ethnicity or such consideration

3. Provide adequate, timely, accurate and accessible information

  • Do not delay or distort information

4. Negotiate all contracts with integrity

  • Be honest in your negotiations at all times

5.Pay creditors timely

  • Keep your word as to timing of payments
  • Renegotiate in good time

6. Refuse to elicit, accept or pay bribes

  • Do not give or accept anything that can influence your decisions or decision of another

7.Pay taxes

  • Willing to contribute to societal costs rather than be a ‘parasite’

8.Pay reasonable salaries and wages

  • Do not pay below government wages
  • Be within your sector salary levels

9. Obey government, authorities

  • Follow the law

10. Give back to society by remembering the less fortunate

  • Be involved in voluntary societal giving beyond taxes

11.Seek synergies to impact the broader society

  • Work with rather than against others in your sector to benefit society

12. Develop employees and grow their competence

  • Regard employees as your stake holder who must fully benefit from your business

13. Respect the dignity of the individual and the right of employees to freedom of association

  • Know an employee is not a slave but a willing stakeholder

14. Partner and outsource services from organizations that uphold the same ethical values and practices as the corporate

  • Do not outsource corruption

15. Commit to have active accountability structures to help you realize all the above ethical commitments

  • Intentionally invite accountability partners and maintain accountable practices so that corporate models these principles and thereby multiplies leaders committed to ethical business practice and living.

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