The Ethical Leaders Network (ELNET) exists to influence leaders both in the corporate and religious circles towards godly transformation. It also seeks to engage leaders of integrity in solving societal problems. This network targets leaders because every organization or nation is a good as the quality of its leaders.

ELNET’s  Vision: Leaders of integrity spearheading holistic societal transformation everywhere

ELNET’s Mission: Engage, develop, multiply and synergize Christ-centered leaders of integrity to transform every sector of society

ELNET Core Values.

  1. Holy spirit led
  2. Integrity
  3. Courage
  4. Excellence
  5. Love

Major contributions of ELNET:

ELNET leaders have made many significant contributions in its six years including:

  1. Developing a Moral Foundation for Kenya’s Vision 2030 – which was endorsed by NESC (National Economic & Social Council, chaired by the President and the Prime Minister).
  2. Designing of the Moral Foundations led to partnership with NESC in formulating National Values that were incorporated in Kenya’s new constitution (Chapter 6).
  3. The values were developed with other stakeholders (National Values Implementation Task Force under the Ministry of Justice, Cohesion & Constitutional Affairs).
  4. Mentoring youth (the next generation of leaders) in schools, universities and communities
  5. Monthly CEOs forum for transforming Business/Corporate sector (reducing corruption and other vices) through application of 30 Ethical Business principles and values.
  6. Transformational initiatives in leader’s own organization, neighborhood or community
  7. Mobilizing professionals to lead from values–a key challenge for the Kenyan society.
  8. In the run-up to 2010 Constitutional referendum, ELNET created a peace pledge that was approved by the National Cohesion and Integration Commission for use by other players.
  9. During the drafting and passing of the 20 bills in August 2011, ELNET mobilized professionals from many Churches to scrutinize the draft bills and to send memoranda to the various drafting bodies as well as the Constitutional Implementation Commission.
  10. June 19, 2012: The J & WC group organized a visit of 33 Church leaders to the 17,000 acre Dominion Farm in Siaya which will train Christian youth in commercial agriculture.
  11. Aug 24-25, 2012: ELNET partnered with Churches, NGOs, NCCK and EAK (Church umbrella bodies) to organize a values-based Civic Education and Vetting TOT for 70.
  12. Sept 2012: ELNET invited to shape proposed values-based Vision 2030 Professionals and Businesses framework  (contributed Values for vetting electoral candidates and Business Ethics values statements).

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