Lived-out integrity

ELNET (Executive Leadership Network) is a non-profit voluntary group of Christian leaders who contribute to Kenya’s socioeconomic development by exercising a leadership of integrity. It networks leaders from government, CEOs of corporates and business, academia, civil society, etc. ELNET is affiliated to LIFE Ministry Kenya. We seek to engage, develop, multiply and synergize Christ-centered leaders of integrity to transform every sector of society.

The Executive Leadership Network  Team

The team is made up of leaders from government, CEOs of corporate organizations, academia, civil society, etc who are brought together by the vision of spearheading societal transformation. Executive Committee consists of 11 Members. Click here to view their profiles

The Executive Leadership Network  Groups

We have three main functional units which are ELNET Governance Group (EGG), ELNET Business Group (EBG) and ELNET Mentoring Group (EMG). ELNET provides a platform for engagement for those who wish to bring transformation through one or more of these areas.

ELNET Mark of Ethics

Elnet mark of ethicsThe ELNET Business Group pursues the transformation of Kenya’s business culture from rampant corruption to ethical business.